Nasarawa State Human Capital Development Agency Pursues Collaboration To Promote Social and Economic Prosperity

The Nasarawa State Human Capital Development Agency has urged stakeholders to work together to address the state’s gender disparity, subpar healthcare system, and low educational standards.
After a two-day advocacy workshop on Wednesday, Habiba Balarabe-Suleiman f.hcd, the Director General of the state’s HCD Agency, called for action against gender inequality, low educational standards, and inadequate healthcare in the state.
Persistent cooperative endeavors were required, in her opinion, to expedite the development of human capital throughout the continent and provide a means of accomplishing agency goals.
The workshop’s goals, according to Balarabe-Suleiman, are to involve a variety of stakeholders, navigate policy landscapes, address the complex issues underlying human capital development, and encourage diversity in development activities.
Due to numerous obstacles, the African continent still lags behind every other region in the globe in terms of HCD. These difficulties have a particularly noticeable effect on communities that are already at risk and on areas that are unstable or suffering conflict.
Therefore, persistent cooperation is required to speed up the development of human capital throughout the continent, and advocacy is one way to do this.
“The main goals of this advocacy workshop are to engage partners and stakeholders in state-level HCD advocacy and to raise awareness of and foster a shared knowledge of the national and regional framework for HCD.
“Develop partners’ and stakeholders’ capacity in HCD advocacy monitoring and evaluation; Prepare strategies for effective collaboration and partnership for HCD advocacy at the state level; and collaboratively develop an HCD advocacy implementation plan for the state,” she stated.
She acknowledged the assistance of Dr. Emmanuel Akabe, the Deputy Governor of the State and Chairman of the Agency, in making the program a success and listed the six thematic areas of the state’s HCD Agency: Youth, Social Development, Education, Health and Nutrition, Youth Participation, and Local Government Community Development.
She listed the six thematic areas of the state’s HCD Agency, which are Health and Nutrition; Education; Youth; Social Development; Local Government Community Development; and Labor Force Participation. She also expressed gratitude to Dr. Emmanuel Akabe, the Deputy Governor of the State and Chairman of the Agency, for his assistance in making the program a success.
The chief executive officer of Africa Human Capital Development Plus, Finda Koroma, praised the administration of Nasarawa State for the various initiatives it has implemented to assist the state’s less fortunate citizens.
To help many of the state’s citizens escape poverty, she further guaranteed that Africa HCD Plus will keep providing the Human Capital Development Agency with the utmost support.
“We are here to work with Nasarawa HCD to ensure that they can meet their targets and indicators through data analysis and management, through training and capacity building, so that the impact they are making will be greater. They have indicators and targets to meet.”
According to The Voice, stakeholders from all 13 Local Government Areas in the state attended the two-day advocacy workshop, which was organized by the agency in partnership with Africa Human Capital Development Plus. It included several activities, including expert presentations, interactive group activities, and open discussions.

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